As a teacher for more than 40 years, I have taught special harp workshops at dozens of harp conferences covering a variety of topics. My many years of experience allows me to distill to my students the practical information they need to be successful.

Workshop 1

Theory....Who Needs It?....How Can It Help Me Play The Harp?

Level: Beginner to Intermediate
Harp Required: Optional

In this workshop, you will get some valuable handouts that will provide building blocks for playing the harp.

Workshop 2

Get Over It...Enjoy The Show!

Level: All Levels
Harp Required: No

Do you have anxiety issues when it comes to performing? Fear not...This workshop is bound to provide helpful tools to happy harp experiences!

Workshop 3

Get Rid Of It............Learn To Memorize With Confidence!

Level: All
Harp Required: Optional

At this workshop, be ready to learn essential memory skills that will give you the confidence of learning your music well. Be ready to knock the "T" out of "CAN'T" and replace it with

"YES I CAN!" Learn what the Power is that makes it work wonders for you! Helpful handouts to all attending.

Workshop 4

It's Okay To Fake It......
How Lead Sheets And Fake Books Can Be A Great Friend!

Level: Beginner to Intermediate
Harp Required: Yes

Want to expand your repertoire using fake books and lead sheets? This help workshop will teach the art of improvisation. A basic understanding of key signatures, chords, inversions and bass patterns will be explained and incorporated into some music.